Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera

Are you preparing to have a good time outdoors? I bet you are looking forward to making memories, too, right?

I know you want to document your favorite summertime moments as they happen. Unfortunately, unlike us, most electrical equipment does not survive in water—especially cameras.

But, don’t worry, I have a suggestion for you.

You might wish to invest in a waterproof camera to document your seafaring exploits. If you enjoy taking underwater pictures, seek a waterproof digital camera that produces stunning images.

This review will show you why Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera might be a good fit for you.

Product Description

Package Dimensions6.38 x 5.87 x 2.64 inches
Item Weight10.8 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Best Sellers Rank#11,632 in Electronics#11 in Underwater Photography Cameras
Date First AvailableJanuary 22, 2022
ManufacturerKaisoon Tech

A fantastic and reasonably priced waterproof camera is the Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera Underwater Camera. It is blue or yellow and has a MAX 2.7K 20fps Video and 48MP Images.

The camera can operate up to 10 feet and has a 16-times magnification, making it ideal for snorkeling. 

Front and back screens for ease of usage are another fantastic feature. While charging, this waterproof camera can still function.

How Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera Compares To Others

When it comes to action or waterproof cameras, Kaisoon Tech, Akaso, and GoPro have dominated that field for quite a while now.

As shared above, the Kaisoon Tech waterproof camera has adorable features for a waterproof camera at an affordable price. However, these options in the market might interest you.

Below are two waterproof cameras that are relatively similar to Kaisoon Tech.

  1. Brave 7 LE By Akaso

In addition to recording 4K video, having image stabilization, and having a front-facing screen, the Akaso Brave 7 LE also includes many accessories and costs far less than a comparable GoPro without accessories. (source)

The Brave 7 LE’s case, according to Akaso, is waterproof down to 40 meters, or around 131 feet. It is sufficient for most commercial scuba dives and other aquatic adventures.

Unfortunately, this camera doesn’t seem to have a red or magenta filter accessory available for long dives like there is with GoPros.

  1. Light & Motion Sidekick Duo

The deeper you go, the more varied ways light behaves. Depending on the depth and other factors, your underwater images may be largely monochrome. (source)

But you may somewhat compensate for that. This 600-lumen waterproof LED light from Light and Motion should be excellent for close-up shots and films. A single fish will get lit up, which is sometimes all you need, even if it won’t light up a school of fish. It has a 60m/196ft rating.

Many options under $100 are available. However, they are either dark or have numerous negative ratings. Check to make sure you can attach the light to your camera mount. If you need a waterproof light, there is probably one available for as much as your budget will allow.

What You Get With Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera

The camera package comes with the following products:

1 x Waterproof Camera 

1 x 650mAh Battery 

1 x Charger 

1 x USB cable 

1 x Pouch 

1 x String 

1 x English user manual

Why The Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera Stands Out To Me

This camera stands out for me because of various reasons, but I will mention a few below:

  1. Design: Its design is entirely waterproof to ensure your underwater adventure.
  2. 16X Zoom-in You can snap crisper photographs at greater distances with a 16X zoom-in.
  3. Anti-Shake Function: The camera supports high resolution and wide-angle photography as it records and captures every great moment while using the anti-shake mode.
  4. Flash: Whether you’re on the shore or underwater. The waterproof camera has a flash that enables underwater photography in low light. Capturing the lovely moment is simple.
  5. Support Recording While Charging: By choosing this digital underwater camera, you can shoot without concern for running out of charge mid-shot. Even without an extra battery, you can still use it to capture the environment you observe.

Product Benefits

Below are some benefits of the Kasoon Tech Waterproof camera:

  • The battery compartment is watertight and tightly sealed to be waterproof.
  • Supports Micro SD card up to 128GB.
  • Compared to other waterproof cameras on the market, it is inexpensive.
  • You can take it anywhere, even in environments where a typical camcorder would not survive.
  • You can record your adventures without worrying about the camera getting wet (like in the rain). 
  • It will float when dropped into water, making it easy to find if lost in the water.
  • The image is clear and detailed because it gets shielded from smudges or scratches in the water.
  • Wide-angle lenses on them enable fantastic underwater photos and films.
  • You don’t require any specialized gear, like scuba gear.
  • Its size can fit into your pocket.
  • It has basic controls and an intuitive interface.
  • You do not necessarily have to use a waterproof case.

Product Drawbacks

Below are the disadvantages of the Kaisoon Tech waterproof camera:

  • Unfortunately, you will have to buy a micro SD card separately as it does not come with one.
  • It might be challenging to use for a person using waterproof cameras for the first time.
  • Poor video quality
  • It would help if you stood three feet away when shooting images because the camera’s focal length is more than three feet.
  • Remember to format your SD card before the first time use.
  • The camera only supports 1 hour underwater per time.
  • The battery drains fast.
  • Low-quality pictures on land.

Things To Consider About Waterproof Cameras

Have you ever been unsure of what camera to choose when buying a waterproof camera?

When looking to buy one, you can get information through a variety of methods. It includes online shopping guides, unbiased product reviews you can find online, word-of-mouth recommendations, forums where people can share their experiences, and even YouTube channels. You can only discover the best items through research.

Who Needs A Waterproof Camera

Everyone who wishes to shoot underwater photos should have a waterproof camera. 

It includes kayakers, scuba divers, and even those using boats. Kaison Tech waterproof camera covers up to 10 feet below the surface, so you can use it to take pictures from the shore and while swimming, diving, or in a boat.

Waterproof Camera Purchasing Considerations

Below are several variables you can consider before deciding on a waterproof camera

  1. Customer Reviews

Quality is the most crucial factor in any underwater camera. Pick a product that has received excellent consumer reviews. The higher the rating it receives from customers, the more likely it is error-free.

The user reviews on Marchant’s website are the finest approach to assessing an underwater camera’s quality.

  1. Examine The Features

The underwater camera with all the characteristics you need is the one that will assist you greatly. There are so many various types of underwater cameras available, each with unique capabilities.

As a result, research which product best suits your needs and has all the required characteristics.

  1. Design

Men and women can utilize most underwater cameras for various reasons. Many thanks to leading companies that try to incorporate new designs while keeping the user’s preferences in mind. You will adore it if it has a lightweight design and excellent functioning.

  1. Price

I discovered when examining this spectrum that cost and effectiveness aren’t always related. Even though I don’t factor pricing into my analyses of product performance, I am aware that it can impact your choice of model.

  1. Reliability

Reliability and durability have a close relationship. Since it is sturdy and long-lasting, you can use an underwater digital camera for snorkeling for many months.

  1. Weight

I gave this feature the same rating as the design option since, more than any other features, these two paint the most precise picture of what an underwater camera would look like and how it will function.

Additionally, a lightweight underwater camera makes it easier for users to sustain productivity. Your entire performance is further improved because you can increase efficiency.

  1. Resolution

Also consider the camera’s pixel count. You can crop your images more efficiently and generate larger prints with a more excellent resolution. Nevertheless, remember that a high quality typically results in a larger file size. Consider a lower resolution camera or invest in additional memory cards or hard drives if capacity on your memory card or hard drive is a concern.

  1. Value

Although the performance of an underwater camera plays a significant role in a buyer’s decision, value is equally crucial.

Price may be your main criteria when picking a camera, regardless of whether you need the most substantial underwater camera, the most adaptable, or the lightest underwater camera possible. 

If you are more on performance, pick your preferred brand with all the required characteristics. You can find an incredible deal on a high-performing underwater camera that is reasonably priced.

Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera Features

Before we move to the camera features, let me share its specifications:

  • Waterproof capability: 3-meter/10 feet for one hour per time 
  • Max. Pixels: 48.0 MP 
  • Picture Formats: JPEG
  • Video Format: AVI 
  • Video Resolution: FHD 2.7K-infinitycm
  • Aperture: F/2.9 ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400 
  • Self-timer: 2s, 5s, 10s delay
  • White balance Auto/Scenario auto 
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh Built-in 
  • Memory / RAM: No 
  • Output Interface: Micro USB 2.0 
  • Flash lamp: Automatic flash, flash, mandatory flash, Red-eye reduction

Features Of The Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera

  1. Usage in Various Situations

This waterproof digital camera is ideal for swimming in lakes and pools. It may help you capture unforgettable moments when snorkeling, surfing, and falling through the waves. This camera is a pleasant and ideal gift for relatives and friends who enjoy participating in outdoor water sports. It is an excellent entry-level camera for newcomers. Just use it to document your joyous existence.

  1. 10FT Underwater Camera

The digital camera combines cutting-edge technology to give you the best level of fidelity. For you, remember to capture life’s beautiful moments. It offers high-resolution images and expert video quality. It’s a fantastic gift for your loved ones, including yourself. Perfect for water sports, including snorkeling, surfing, swimming, drifting, and other water activities.

  1. Selfie Dual Screens Design

This Waterproof Digital Camera Has a Rear-Facing, 2.7-Inch LCD Display and a Front-Facing, 1.8-Inch LCD Display. You can never miss a moment of action with the built-in 2s, 5s, and 10s self-timer. 

  1. 2.7K Video & 48MP Image

This camera captures moments clearly and in detail, thanks to its 48MP Image Resolution and 2.7K Video Resolution. You can capture more fantastic moments thanks to the improved camera’s higher resolution.

  1. Supports Usage While Charging

With a 650mah battery capacity, this waterproof camera supports recording while charging. It can sustain the camera’s continuous operation for two to three hours. You won’t have to worry about the battery running out during your journey because it also supports recording while charging.

  1. 2.7 Inch TFT Screen & Anti-Shake

The underwater camera has a 2.7-inch, high-quality color LCD where you can view your best pictures. It also has anti-shake technology. Your images are crisper because of the anti-shake feature. Take it with you on your journey and have fun shooting.

  1. Lightweight And Simple To Use

This underwater camera is simple to bring for snorkeling to the beach, water parks, or other underwater vacations, thanks to its pocket-sized, lightweight, and compact design. Additionally, it contains a hand loop string and a drawstring pocket for easy storage and transportation. This waterproof camera has simple controls for all its features, making it ideal for children and seniors.

Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera Performance

Many reviewers suggested this camera for people looking for a waterproof camera on a budget. However, be ready to compromise on the video quality, as it won’t be excellent.

On Amazon, 79 reviewers give this formula a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Below are some of the reviews I got online.


(image source)


(image source)

Alternative Waterproof Cameras To Consider

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera, I advise choosing one of the options listed below. 

  1. GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera

Another fantastic option for a waterproof camera for snorkeling is the GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera. GoPro is well-known and has long been the industry leader in action cameras. I think that a GoPro is always a good choice, even though it is more expensive than some other items on our list. (source)

The HERO10 boasts twice the frame rate for incredibly smooth animation, and this waterproof camera is capable of 23MP images and 5.3K video resolution at 60fps. Additionally, a 2.7K, 8x slo-mo is available. Additionally, you may pause your recorded videos and snap 15.8 MP photographs from the 5.3 K video you shot, which turns out stunning.

Additionally, the HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization, a GoPro trademark, is enhanced by this camera. This camera is excellent for outdoor activities and performs well in low-light conditions. 

  1. Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

Using a 360-degree camera, you may record the entire scene and edit the best segments once you’re back on land. 360-degree cameras, which have two or more lenses and sensors, used to be only a strange niche for making spherical videos. They are no longer frequently utilized for that. They are merely very versatile action cameras now.

The two leading brands in the industry, Insta360, and GoPro, anticipate that you will use the 360-degree footage you have collected to produce conventional 1080p videos. (source)

  1. AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera

AKASO also makes a fantastic waterproof action camera for snorkeling. This 4K Ultra HD action camera is undoubtedly excellent. You can record 2.7K and 4K professional videos at 30 frames per second. 

AKASO EK7000 can take stunning photographs at 16MP up to 30 frames per second; this resolution is 4* higher than standard HD cameras. Using the AKASO Go app and the built-in WiFi, you can share your content in seconds. Additionally, the camera can record 90 minutes on a single battery and is water-resistant up to 98 feet. (source)

Final Thoughts About The Kaisoon Tech Waterproof Camera

I believe that having the correct camera is essential and that this Kaisoon Tech waterproof camera will meet your expectations.

I hope this review will give you a clear idea of whether this is the camera type you want.

Now, what are you waiting for? 


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