SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Review

SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Review

Underwater lights are must-have boat accessories, especially if you love to go night fishing. These marine-grade devices come in different colors and add to the appeal of a vessel.

If you’ve been looking for quality underwater boat lights, you must’ve come across the SeaBlaze X2 underwater light by Lumitec.

Lumitec touts this product as being among the best of its kind, as it delivers a considerable number of lumens and offers an advanced control system. 

Despite these cutting-edge features, this brand of underwater light has a couple of drawbacks, which we’ll look at later. 

Another piece of information worthy of mentioning is that the SeaBlaze X2 underwater light is a new release and is part of a line of products called the SeaBlaze underwater series. 

In this review, we’d assess if this fixture is worth the buy and compare it to other leading marine lighting on the market.   

So, let’s jump right in!

SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Overview

Lumitec’s SeaBlaze X2 is a small underwater boat light that comes loaded with lots of energy.

It can deliver over 6000 lumens and is compatible with the Poco digital lighting control system, also made by Lumitec.

You can activate specific modes and even change the lighting color output on the SeaBlaze X2 by simply toggling a switch. 

This feature is made possible by the Timed Toggle Protocol technology incorporated into the fixture.

Modes in which this underwater light can be operated include a stimulating color cycle mode or an internally synchronized blue or white crossfade mode. 

Kindly note that the SeaBlaze X2 is available in either a dual-color (blue/white) or a complete RGBW spectrum. 

Additionally, it’s quite easy to install, all you have to do is mount the light onto the surface of your boat, and you’re good to go. No external drivers are needed to operate this device. 

How Does the SeaBlaze X2 Compare to Other Marine Lighting?

To some boat owners, the SeaBlaze X2 is not an ideal underwater lighting option because it’s strongly felt that the cost of one of these lights could go for two. 

Size is another reason these fixtures receive backlash from time to time, as they are not so large.

If you’re not a massive fan of the SeaBlaze X2 underwater boat light, you should consider some popular and highly functional alternatives.

  1. Husuku SOOP3 LED Underwater Boat Light

If you’re looking for a considerably larger and cheaper underwater light than SeaBlaze X2, check out the Husuku SOOP3 underwater boat light. 

Its 42 LED lights and consumption rate of 30 lumens set it apart from other fixtures on the market. 

Also, its 120 degrees beam angle makes its light output cover larger areas than most underwater boat lights.

The only downside to the Husuku SOOP3 underwater boat light is that water still gets into its lights despite the company’s claims of providing IP68 waterproof lighting.  

  1. Five Oceans Round Underwater Boat Light

The next underwater light on our list is the Five Oceans Round underwater boat light. This fixture is both energy efficient and highly durable. 

Five Oceans has a small light output of 645 lumens and a 10 to 30-volt DC power rating compared to other underwater lights on the market. So, its illuminating ability isn’t so great.

The good thing is it has a secondary optical lens that helps enhance its light output and ensures better illumination. 

Another significant feature of this underwater boat light is its resistance to shock and vibration. Its stainless-steel housing enables it to withstand harsh marine conditions. 

  1. Jiawill CREE Underwater Light

Jiawill CREE underwater lights are products of Hangzhou Jiawill Tech Co., Ltd, one of the largest manufacturers of energy-saving LED lights. 

These underwater boat lights can deliver over 2,500 lumens and have super strong polycarbonate lenses that can withstand extreme temperatures. 

Regarding brightness, Jiawill CREE underwater lights perform exceptionally well irrespective of their lighting color output. 

You can get these underwater lights in a 6 Cree 10watt white LED light, or a 12 Cree red, blue, or green LED light. 

What Do You Get with the SeaBlaze X2?

The SeaBlaze X2 underwater light comes in a nicely wrapped box with the Lumitec slogan and logo blazoned on the sides of the package.

You will find below a list of the items that come with the product, 

  • An instruction manual
  • A cut-out installation template
  • 4 galvanized or coated screws and,
  • A 62-inch long 18/3 AWG wire

In addition, the SeaBlaze X2 comes with a 3-year warranty. The warranty does not cover product failure due to neglect, improper installation, and use.

Why the SeaBlaze X2 Stands Out to Me

I think the SeaBlaze X2 and other underwater boat lights by Lumitec are the best on the market. 

They are easy to use, super-efficient, and last longer than other brands of underwater boat lights.

You can tell just by touching these fixtures that they are made of high-quality materials. 

The weightiness of their naval-grade bronze housing and the density and sturdiness of the lenses covering their LED lights are clear indicators of this.

It isn’t exactly cheap to acquire these fixtures, but I’d recommend them any day to anyone interested in acquiring worthwhile underwater boat lights. 

About the Producers of the SeaBlaze X2

As you already know, the SeaBlaze X2 is a product of Lumitec, a leading manufacturer of extreme environment LED lighting. 

Lumitec was established in 2007 by John Kujawa. Since then, they have developed high-value lighting solutions for boat owners and operators of vocational vehicles like fire engines and police cars. 

All products developed or produced by this company are manufactured in the United States. Their development and research facility is situated in Delray Beach, Florida. 

The following types of light are produced by Lumitec, dome lights, flood lights, underwater lights, positional lights, utility lights, downlights, and positional lights.

Pros of the SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light

Lumitec’s SeaBlaze X2 underwater light is popular for several merits of its own. In the below points, we’ll be taking a look at the features of this product that make it a valuable or good buy.  

  1. High Light Output

As I mentioned earlier, the SeaBlaze X2 delivers over 6000 lumens. For a device so small, that’s a lot of light output. 

It doesn’t matter whether you use the dual-color spectrum output of this fixture or the RGBW spectrum output; the light output remains considerably high. 

  1.  Easy to Use

The SeaBlaze X2 underwater boat light is straightforward to use. You can turn it on and activate its modes by simply toggling a switch. 

Pairing your SeaBlaze X2 with the Lumitec Poco digital lighting control system makes it even easier to control or use. 

This digital lighting system can also control other exterior lights on your vessels, but they’d have to be products of Lumitec for easy integration. 

  1. Resistant to Marine Conditions

Another merit of the SeaBlaze X2 is its high resistance to marine conditions or its ability to remain undamaged in a marine environment for a fairly long period of time. 

According to the product information provided by Lumitec, the SeaBlaze X2 and other underwater boat lights undergo 2000 hours plus of intense salt spray chamber testing before they are distributed. 

  1. Easy to Install

It is effortless to install the Seablaze X2. The cut-out installation template it comes with makes it even easier to mount it. Here’s a quick rundown of the installation process, 

Measure and mark the area on your vessel you’d like to install the underwater light and stick your cut-out template on it.

Once you complete the above step, drill four holes into your vessel; the wire hole and the three mounting screw holes. 

Proceed to mount the SeaBlaze X2 onto your vessel, then connect the device’s wires.  

  1. Possesses Advanced Technology 

Lumitec incorporates advanced technology in the production of SeaBlaze X2 underwater boat lights. 

Their Timed Toggle Protocol technology found in the SeaBlaze X2 fixture eliminates the need for external controllers. 

The useful modes by which these underwater lights can be operated are also a result of technological advancements. 

Cons of the SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light

Despite the SeaBlaze X2’s popularity on the market, it does have some drawbacks. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the cons of this underwater light. 

  1. It is Quite Expensive

The SeaBlaze X2 and other marine lighting products produced by Lumitec are not affordable. 

It costs close to $400 to acquire one of these lights, and you’d need at least two of these fixtures for substantial illumination. 

  1. Not Long Lasting 

You should expect to use these lights for about two years before they’d need a replacement. They can last for five years if you’re lucky and regularly maintain them. 

All SeaBlaze X2 underwater lights come with a 3-year warranty, so if your lights unduly die out within this period, you can conveniently claim your warranty. 

  1. Limiting Size 

Size is also another significant drawback of the SeaBlaze X2 underwater light. These devices are quite small, so they’re only ideal for small or fairly large vessels. 

Consequently, if you’re looking for effective underwater lighting for a considerably large vessel like a catamaran, the SeaBlaze X2 should be the last option on your list. 

What are the Benefits of the SeaBlaze X2?

The SeaBlaze X2 underwater boat light has a lot to offer. In the below points, we will be taking a look at three of its most notable benefits. 

  1. Beautifies Boat

You can make your boat look more sophisticated or visually appealing by installing two or more SeaBlaze X2 underwater lights. 

These fixtures, especially the RGBW versions, make vessels stand out by creating a picturesque glow around the dock. 

  1. Attracts Fishes

If you enjoy fishing quite often, then the SeaBlaze X2 underwater light will benefit you.

Zooplankton often accumulates around the lenses of these devices, therefore, leading to the presence of bait fishes around your boat. 

The presence of bait fishes would subsequently attract bigger predator fishes, making it convenient for you to fish or enjoy the sight of fishes swimming around the dock.

  1. Helps Control Insects

Light attracts insects, but since the SeaBlaze X2 is an underwater light, its ability to attract insects is not as pronounced as other forms of marine lighting above or on water. 

Lumitec’s SeaBlaze X2 underwater light is an excellent addition to most vessels. 

Things to Consider Before Getting Marine Lighting

Marine lighting isn’t just limited to underwater lights; it also encompasses floating and above-water lighting. 

You must consider several things before choosing marine lights for your vessel. You will find a detailed breakdown below. 

  1. The Style of Light 

As I mentioned earlier, marine lighting comes in three different styles: underwater, floating, and above-water. Each style is best suited for certain purposes. 

For instance, underwater lights are best suited for shallow water bodies, as they can efficiently illuminate or penetrate a water column at this level.

Above-water lights are ideal for deep-water bodies. They can light up both water bodies and docks. 

Floating lights are just what you need if you don’t plan on owning a vessel of your own. They can be used at any water level and are portable. 

  1. The Housing Material of the Lighting

The housing material of marine lighting is also one of the many things you must consider before you make a purchase. 

Materials like aluminum and composite plastic are marine grade and make durable housing materials for marine lighting. 

Carbon or stainless-steel housing materials can’t really withstand marine conditions as they are susceptible to electrolysis. 

  1. LED or HED Lights

LED and HED lights do a great job at illuminating spaces, but only LED lights to have more good features.

LED lights are great for marine lighting because they last and retain most of their light intensity.

It’s way easier for LED lights to possess color-changing technology than for HED lights. These lights produce less heat and are considerably cheaper. 

  1. Size of Your Vessel 

The size and number of marine lighting you acquire depend on the size of your sailing vessel. 

Large sailing vessels like catamarans require fairly large marine lights, while small sailing vessels like pontoons or yachts require small or medium-sized marine lights. 

  1. Your Budget

Before you set out to purchase lighting for your vessel, it’s important that you have a budget. This would make it easier for you to make a choice. 

Marine lighting can cost anything from $60 to $500. If you want a super effective fixture that’d last long, your budget should be around $250.

Final Thoughts

The Lumitec SeaBlaze underwater light may not be the most affordable lighting option on the market, but it certainly is the best. 

A little more work needs to go into making these fixtures more durable, but other than that, they’re pretty great boat accessories. 

For overall performance, I’d give this product a 7 out of 10. 


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